Long Distance Transportation

Distant traveling has always been a hectic task both in terms of the arrangement of transport and riding. But how about getting an easy booking and the comfort of traveling at the same time? With us it’s a game of single call, no matter it’s about traveling for an hour or two or more our limos make you feel like you are home.

What Other Perks Our Limo Offers for long-distance transportation?

No Pain of Navigating Routes

When it’s about long-distance traveling, navigation of routes is the major problem particularly when you are going to that place for the first time. But, when you are with us, you don’t need to be stressed about this since our expert drivers are here. They only require you to mention your exact pickup and drop-off point, and the rest they do themselves. Hence you can enjoy the ride without passing through the hassle of being stick to the map throughout.

Personalized Services

We are here to customize your service. Your safe ride & Comfort is our priority. If you want music or silence we will accommodate you. Let us know your needs we are here to assist you.

You Can Have Your Discussions or Office Work in Car

Our limos are soundproof, and windows are tinted that means there is no outer distraction or disturbance. So, you can do your discussions with your fellows in the car or via call. Moreover, if you are traveling for business purposes, you can easily do your office work while riding in our car. For example, the preparation or revision of presentation or aligning the things to be discussed in the meeting, etc.

So, if you are having a long-distance trip in your schedule, pick your phone, give us a call or reach us at Katy Limo for booking your long-distance transportation. Call now 📞 713-972-5113